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Softick Audio Gateway: Listen to Palm wirelessly!

Softick Audio Gateway

Softick Audio Gateway is the first audio streaming solution for Palm OS handhelds which allows to connect Palm OS handheld to the Bluetooth® stereo headphones and listen to digital audio played by any Palm OS applications including multimedia players, audio book readers, games.


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Current product version 1.25


Download Softick Audio Gateway
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Download Softick Audio Gateway
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User Guide [English, pdf, 368Kb]

Installation Manual [English, pdf, 24Kb]

User Guide [Russian, pdf, 394Kb]

  What our customer says:  

THANKS!! For months and months I have been dying to listen to audiobooks and mp3s from my Palm TX without the hassles of the earbud's cords getting caught in everything. I finally found a stereo bluetooth headset I could afford -- but still, I couldn't figure out how to connect the two. Then I found Audio Gateway. Hoorah! It works like a charm. You have a happy customer here! I have used Card Export for a long time -- another very useful program. If you make two programs that work this well, I'd better check out your other stuff too!

--- Ione Smith

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Softick Audio Gateway News


Softick Audio Gateway 1.25 released: Enjoy new features and fixes

The following changes were made to improve overall user experience and stability:

  1. Minimized battery power consumption when bluetooth connection is not active
  2. Added customizable audio profiles support with 3 preinstalled profiles. Now audio settings are saved to the active profile, and these profiles can be easily switched on the fly
  3. Optimized connection routines: increased speed and reduced size
  4. Some cosmetic user interface changes

The update is free for all registered customers. Enjoy!

Softick Audio Gateway for Palm OS is updated to version 1.22

The following were changed:

  • Fixed connection problems on some devices introduced by 1.21 update
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Fixed DA (Desk Accessories) issues.
This update is free to all registered users.

Softick Audio Gateway updated.

  • Added Quick Launch capability with a link to popular media players from the main program screen.
  • Added Auto Start feature to automatically switch to your favorite media player after establishing A2DP connection.
  • Fixed crashes on Palm Treo 680 smartphones
  • Fixed rare connection stability problems on Palm Treo 700P/755/Centro smartphones
  • Fixed rare "frozen playback" problem

Softick Audio Gateway 1.20 update. Mono, AVRCP and Sprint TV fixes.

Softick Audio Gateway 1.20 update is released. The following was changed in this release:

  • Resolved problem with mono sound streams (podcasts, audio books, etc) on some media players.
  • Added support for pre 4.2 versions of Kinoma player and Sprint TV (beta)
  • Improved Audio/Video Control Profile (AVRCP) connections
  • Support for Fast Forward/Fast Rewind buttons on the headset. Currently supported Pocket Tunes media player only. Consult your headset user manual if this feature is supported by headset.
  • Added support for Palm Treo 755P Updates
  • Minor bug fixes

This update is free for all registered users. Enjoy!

Softick Audio Gateway 1.18 (beta) has a Treo 680 ATT 2.11 update support!

  • Resolved compatibility problem with AVRCP on Treo 680 AT&T Update 2.11
  • Resolved compatibility problem with RingCare from GoTreo Software
  • New troubleshooting options.
  • Bug fix. Paused Pocket Tunes isn't unpaused now during connection to the headset.

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