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Softick Cache - Yet another way to increase Palm OS device performance

Softick Cache - Yet another way to increase Palm OS device performance

Want to speed up your Palm? We have a solution for you.

Softick Cache is an adaptive "disk" cache for flash cards used in Palm OS PDA and smartphones. It speeds up card access by using faster dynamic memory instead of slower SD/MMC card and SD host controller.


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Current product version 1.00


Download Softick Cache
[English / Zip Archive / 50Kb]

Download Softick Cache
[English / Palm OS Installer / 150Kb]

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Order Softick Cache (9.95 USD)


  What our customer says:  

A must have application for your Palm device. Especially if you're an advanced user. Buy it, and you won't regret it!

--- Pradip

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Softick Cache Features


  • Easy to install and use
  • Up to ten times faster card and flash memory access
  • Delayed write operations support
  • Adaptive caching behavior for better performance
  • Real-time cache management
  • Cache utilization statistics
  • Customizable settings for advanced users


Softick Cache Benefits


  • Reduces application switching and response times
  • Increases performance of data-intensive Palm OS applications
  • Saves battery life by reducing flash read/write operations
  • Speeds up search operations and games loading