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Softick Commander: Manage Files Wirelessly

Softick Commander

The Next-Generation File Manager for Palm OS

Softick Commander is the first Palm OS file manager which supports Bluetooth file browse and transfer capability and therefore extends wireless connectivity of Palm devices.

Now you can easily browse any trusted Bluetooth-enabled device for the files and folders, move, copy and delete them wirelessly.

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Current product version 1.03


Download Softick Commander
[English / Palm OS Installer / 235Kb]

Download Softick Commander
[English / Softick Commander 1.03 English, Palm OS / 140Kb]

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  What our customer says:  

Softick Commander is great. I don't know what else to say. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with.

--- --Brian Gray

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Softick Commander Overview

Discover the world of the wireless file exchange!

Formerly, the Bluetooth file transfer client was available to the Pocket PC and desktop PC users only. From now, Softick offers the same feature to Palm OS users.

Using Softick Commander, you can

  • quickly exchange your photos, ring tones, documents and any other files in your Bluetooth environment;
  • access your mobile phone, desktop PC, Pocket PC or Palm handheld of your friend, find and get any of the shared files, transfer your files to the remote devices.

It's just great! You can communicate everywhere: on the road, in the public places, at the party, with no need in cradles, cables or desktop computers.


Wireless File Manager? Yes. And Not Only Wireless

Although Bluetooth file management is a prime attribute of the Softick Commander, you will find for sure that this product is also very useful for organizing files on your own Palm.

  • You can manage files on your SD cards and storage memory without connecting to the desktop and executing HotSync procedure.
  • You can transfer programs from the internal storage to the SD card and vice-versa to optimize memory allocation, as well as copy files between two cards if you have more than one expansion slot (built-in one or emulated by Softick RAM Drive).
  • You can even manage built-in NVFS volume on the devices which have this capability.