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Softick Coloring Book for iPhone

Softick Coloring Book for iPhone

Tired to be laden with daughter's toys while visiting your friends, and your son is eager to sneak daddy's phone? We bet it's a commonplace. That's why we have decided to create a new iPhone and iPod Touch game set especially for kids.

Now you can not only divert and calm down your children, but also help them to develop their creativity. Our own kids were delighted with our idea, and we are glad to share our first game with other parents.

Softick Coloring Book is a developmental painting game for children, even for very small ones.

Simple and intuitive usage, merry design and amusing scenes will surely give your kids a great pleasure. Let them draw with their fingers, experiment with bright colors and create most unexpected color combinations.

Softick Coloring Book is an OS X Native Application.

Designed for Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch.

The application is a member of Softick Coloring book series. Also available the following coloring sets:


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Available on the iPhone App Store
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Overview - Softick Coloring Book for iPhone


Softick Coloring Book for iPhone You can save the results in the Photos application and then send them by e-mail, print or set as a device wallpaper.

We are sure your children will enjoy painting, it will relieve them from boredom and save your precious time.

Game settings allow parents to adapt the application behavior according to any age:

  • You can keep only the simplest functions if your little child is still awkward with the device,
  • or let your elder kid choose and save pictures manually, as well as tune the hues more precisely.

You have a chance to make a gift and see how easy is to create beautiful drawings with Softick Coloring Book! Who knows, maybe it is your kid's first step to the artist fame!


System requirements


  • Compatible with Apple iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update