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Softick Refund Policy

You can order our software from resellers listed below:

Product name   Price   Order link  
Softick Audio Gateway USD 19.95 [ Order now ]
Softick Commander USD 14.95 [ Order now ]
Softick Card Export II PPC (for Windows Mobile) USD 14.95 [ Order now ]
Softick Card Export II USD 14.95 [ Order now ]
Softick Blue Files USD 14.95 [ Order now ]
Softick RAM Drive USD 9.95 [ Order now ]
Softick PPP USD 24.95 [ Order now ]

You can order our products by phone or fax from PalmGear HQ:

2001 East Division
Suite 117
Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 817.640.6559
Fax: 817.640.6614

NOTE! A $2.00 processing fee will be added for software orders placed via telephone

If you have some questions about our software, you can send your support request to our support professionals over the Internet.

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