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How to Run USB on Vista


  1. What is Softick UsbProxy

    Softick UsbProxy is my attempt to resolve Palm Desktop USB compatibility problems on Windows Vista.

  2. How it works

    Softick UsbProxy replaces Palm Desktop's usbport.dll file, which is a device driver interface dll, with user mode applications. An original usbport.dll is stored under usbport-original.dll name by installer. Softick UsbProxy intercepts GetVersionEx Windows API function for original .dll to make it think it runs on a Windows XP.

  3. Installation

    To install Softick UsbProxy launch SoftickUsbPortProxy.exe and follow on screen instruction.

    Installer expects to find usbport.dll in Windows System32 folder. While this is true to modern Palm Desktops, older version put it to Palm Desktop installation folder.

  4. Metrowerks Code Warrior(tm) for Palm OS USB debugging

    Code Warrior expects to find usbport.dll in Palm Desktop installation folder. If you ever tried to debug Palm OS application with Palm Desktop 6 installed, you probably have moved usbport.dll from Windows System32 folder to Palm Desktop installation folder.

    Now, to make CW Debugger work on Vista, you need to move usbport.dll back to System32 folder, install Softick UsbProxy and move usbport.dll back to Palm Desktop home. Leave usbport-original.dll in System32 folder.

    Please note that uninstaller will not be able to recover usbport.dll if you have moved it around a hard disk, so please understand what are you doing and expect some file copy/paste/rename work :)

  5. Uninstallation

    You can remove this program using Add/Remove applet from Control Panel. If you need to remove it manually, please do the following:

    1. Shutdown all applications which might use Palm OS USB connections (HotSync Manager, Softick PPP, Pilot Install, etc)
    2. Go to your Windows System32 folder.
    3. Remove usbport.dll file
    4. Rename Usbport-Original.dll to usbport.dll
      Note: If you have moved usbport.dll to Palm Desktop location (e.g. to make Code Warrior works), rename and remove these files in Palm Desktop folder.
  6. Windows XP/Vista 64 bit

    Softick UsbProxy doesn't resolve a compatiblity problem with 64 bit Windows XP/Vista.

  7. Disclaimer

    This software is provided without warranty. We will not take responsibility for any form of damage or loss that occurs when/by using or not using this software, including but not limited to data/information loss, loss of profit, hardware or media damage.

  8. Contact

    If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please e-mail us at: Softick Support

    Please understand that this is a free and exprerimental software and it doesn't covered by our regular support.

    The latest version can be downloaded at:

    You can discuss this article at Softick Forum



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