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Softick PPP

Softick PPP Do you want to connect your Palm powered device to your LAN or Internet?

From USB cradle/cable, bluetooth/serial without additional network equipment.

Softick PPP allows you to access the Internet or Local Area Network from your Palm OS device using your desktop PC as a fast and cheap gateway. Softick PPP was designed to establish PPP sessions over USB connection, but now it supports Bluetooth/Serial and Irda sessions.

Using Softick PPP, you can connect to the Internet or the local network, browse the Web, get the latest news, chat with friends and read mail from Palm OS devices via USB cradle or cable, without an additional networking equipment.


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Current product version 3.03


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[English / Windows Installer / 2400Kb]

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  What our customer says:  

I am very pleased with Softick PPP software. I was thrilled to see my Palm Tungten T communicating with my Google Calendar. I had stopped using my palm very much because I needed the versatility of an internet calendar (I use a computer at two work sites). Now, I can enter data into the Palm top and sync it with my Google Calendar and vice versa, quite effortlessly. Thanks very much for this interface that allows my Palm to communicate with my PC.

--- Corliss Nelson

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