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Softick PPP

Softick PPP Do you want to connect your Palm powered device to your LAN or Internet?

From USB cradle/cable, bluetooth/serial without additional network equipment.

Softick PPP allows you to access the Internet or Local Area Network from your Palm OS device using your desktop PC as a fast and cheap gateway. Softick PPP was designed to establish PPP sessions over USB connection, but now it supports Bluetooth/Serial and Irda sessions.

Using Softick PPP, you can connect to the Internet or the local network, browse the Web, get the latest news, chat with friends and read mail from Palm OS devices via USB cradle or cable, without an additional networking equipment.


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Current product version 3.03


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  What our customer says:  

I'd been struggling for months to get my Treo 680 to connect to the internet on my Windows Vista PC via the USB cradle and the latest version of Softick PPP (3.0) is the first solution that really works. In addition its the first solution that allows me to use a bluetooth connection to Vista as well! An effective and simple to use bit of software.

--- Gavin

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Setting up Bluetooth network profile at Palm device


You need to create Bluetooth network profile in order to access local area network or Internet. To create this profile, launch Prefs application from Palm Launcher and follow these steps:

Please note that the following screenshots are actual for Tungsten-T model, another models may have slighly different control panel interface.

1. At first you need to create Bluetooth connection. Choose "Connection" page from "Communication" group.



2. The connection profile list will appear.



Tap the button "New" to create a new connection.

3. Name your new connection ("BT Connection" in our example), set connection method to Bluetooth, select target device (desktop PC) and tap "Details" button. You may need to pair your Palm with desktop computer if you haven't done it yet. Refer to the Palm documentation on Bluetooth device pairing.



4. Set connection speed on 115200 bps and activate Flow Control.



Tap "OK" to return to connection properties, tap "OK" to save new connection, tap "Done" to return to the Prefs.

5. Now we will create a new network profile for a new Bluetooth connection. Select the "Network" page from the "Communication" group in Prefs.

Select your newly created Bluetooth connection, clear User Name and Pasword fields and tap "Connect" to establish PPP connection to your desktop PC.