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Softick PPP 1.04

Softick PPP

Using Softick PPP you are able to

  • Establish PPP connection to desktop computer;
  • Browse World Wide Web (www)
  • Receive and Send Mail
  • Receive news (nntp)
  • Receive news channel (Avantgo, etc)
  • Power up your own custom network application!

From USB cradle or cable without additional network equipment.

Softick PPP 1.04 (old version)

Softick PPP Palm m505 Do you want to connect your Palm powered device to your LAN or Internet?


This is an old version of Softick PPP. If you'd like to read about new version of Softick PPP 2.0, you can find appropriate documentation here - Softick PPP 2.0

 Configuring Softick PPP 
 Softick PPP News 

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 Softick PPP Requirements 
  • Palm OS
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP on desktop, Windows 98/Me will be supported later
  • Palm Desktop 4.x Installed on desktop computer (4.1 highly recommended)
  • USB connection
  • Current Softick PPP was tested with Palm Computing devices and Sony NX series. Other PDA models may have USB driver issues which prevent USB software from working properly.
 Softick PPP Top FAQ Articles 

Q: Почему VersaMail не может получить почту с, если используется USB подключение к ПК?

Q: Why VersaMail can't receive the mail from, if USB connection to PC is used?

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