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Softick UsbFix

Softick UsbFix

Softick UsbFix What is Softick UsbFix?

Softick UsbFix removes USB serial number from the handheld. Some manufacturers put single USB Serial Number for all devices. As a result only one device (per VID/PID pair) can be successfully connected to USB host.

Using Softick UsbFix:

  • Install UsbSerialFix.prc to the device using HotSync technology as usual
  • Launch "USB Fix" application
  • If neccessary application will reset your device. After reset completed launch application again
  • Check "Remove USB Serial number"
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Q: Do I need Softick USB Serial Number Fix for my PDA?

A: If you own only one device or never connect more then one device to the host you probably don't need this program.

Q: Can I HotSync two devices using your program?

A: No, this program removes only USB restriction, but HotSync itself cannot sync two devices.

Q: If I cannot use it for HotSync why have you written this program?

A: We use it with Softick PPP which supports multiple PPP connections and can establish multiple sessions over Universal Serial Bus now.

Q: I'm successfully using Softick PPP with two devices without UsbFix. Do I need to install it?

A: No. You are probably using devices with unique USB serial numbers or without serial numbers (for example Handspring Treo 90). You may successfully connect two devices with different USB VID/PID pair, for example PalmOne Tungsten T and PalmOne Zire.

Q: My devices don't have flash serial number, what serial number are you going to remove?

A: While your device doesn't have flash serial number it may have a USB serial number which is the same for all manufactured devices (like Palm12345678).

Q: What is the cost of your program?

A: It is free for noncommercial use. For commercial use you need to purchase site license for your company (for unlimited number of devices).

Q: Can I remove UsbFix.prc file from my PDA after removing USB serial number?

A: Yes, you can. You will need to install and run it again after performing hard reset.

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